How to keep yourself organized!

1. Separate class materials - USE YOUR FOLDERS!!!!!

For most children, it helps to have a seperate notebook and folder for each subject. For a select few, one large binder to hold all of their folders can help keep their work all in one place. But remember if that binder goes missing, so does all their work! Use your folders to help separate the work due from the work done, by designating one side for each.

2. Keep a calendar to record due dates and important class events. - USE YOUR PLANNER!!!

Fill out your planners when asked! Using it will help with your organizational skills and keep you on track. Mark off when you have finished an assignment so you know what is left to be done.

3. Take good notes. - USE YOUR NOTEBOOKS!

When a teachers says to take out your notes notebook, do it! One of the most important academic skills is taking good notes. Just remember to highlight what the instructor says in class. Also, realize that you can't catch everything. Try to make sure that you have written down what you need to help you with your assignments and keep it neat. Reading your notes should help you fill in what you missed during class so if you can't read your handwritting it won't help.

4. Discuss issues with the instructor as soon as they arise. - DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!!

It is the job of your teachers and aids to help you through your difficulties. Make the most of it and let them know right away if you have questions or don't understand. By asking immediatly you can work through things so that you won't fall behind in the future. Use your study hall times wisely to go and speak with your teachers or to visit us in the Learning Resource room for help.

5. Create structure.

Structure helps you to feel like you have control. Be consistent with how you do your homework and when you do it. Good structure will help to form study habits - and good study habits will help keep you organized.